Monday, 24 October 2011

NaNoWriMo - Writing, Novels, Short Stories Challenge 2011

nanowrimo perfect writing area paper pen journal couch bright windows peace and quiet the idea girl linda randall

the idea girl says

relaxing music for 30 minutes now if your tired this might put you to sleep
i think every writer should have a nice comfy couch in their office

so they can lay down and have a cat nap for 15 minutes

use the clear quartz crystals on your head, neck, heart and tummy to bring energy to yourself

i also do several mini ten minute meditations while writing to keep my thoughts clear and precise and to think of new ideas, so it's fresh in my mind while I write

i find when tired, my thoughts become stale and i just write anything down because i'm at the point of exhaustion and i just want to get something done

not a good thing...

i'll let you know why in my next blog post about having the right attitude before you START writing something.

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