Sunday, 12 February 2012

Malpasset dam break 1959

The video shows the first 50 minutes of the Malpasset dam break, which took
place in south-west France on 2dn December 1959.The resulting flood caused $68
million worth of damages, and killed 421 persons.

The simulation was run on a GPU using an implementation of the Kurganov-Petrova
scheme from 2007. Simulation of the first hour after the breach took 13 minutes
on an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 (MSRP 349.90), 4.5 times faster than real-time.
The domain consists of 1099x439 = 480 000 cells, covering 16.5x6.5 km. The
simulation took 144 000 iterations to complete, translating to over 180
iterations per second. The implementation uses second-order accurate TVD
Runge-Kutta time integration, which translates to over 360 flux evaluations per
element per second.

This video was created during my three month stay at the National Center for Computational Hydroscience and Engineering.

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